PILLARS OF SUCCESS FOR ARTISTS #2 (of 5) - Making Products and Service Offerings

Sometimes there are obvious offerings to make from one's art, and sometimes it requires some creativity to come up with them, but it's worth the effort.

If you want to live from your art, you MUST find ways to make it into something that helps another person enough that they will pay money for it.

People LIKE art, but they BUY products and services.


  1. Original Art (paintings, sculptures, drawings, hand-drawn comic book pages, hand-made products, etc.)
  2. Copies of original products (posters, postcards magazines, comic books, art books, thumb drives, CDs, vinyl records, books, videotapes, tee shirts, printed merch, etc)
  3. Digital products (digital comics, video files, music files, printable files, e-books, etc)
  4. Subscriptions that deliver physical and/or digital products (via Patreon, ko-fi, and/or your own site)


(Also known as freelancing)
  1. Commissions (illustrations, paintings, caricatures, portraits, features, children's books, comics, etc)
  2. Performances (in-person or via broadcast)
  3. Teaching (1 on 1 or groups)
  4. Coaching (1 on 1 or groups)
  5. Consulting (Art Directing, Editing, etc)
  6. Managing, Supervising, Assisting

What are some other examples you can think of?

If you have questions, or need any help with these things, let us know!

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