What Can We Learn from the Taylor Swift vs Apple Streaming incident?

 I was listening to my favorite talk radio show this morning, and it painted a pretty dim picture for the prospects of the independent musician. Taylor Swift recently fired shots at Apple's plans to offer 3 months of free service (in which recording artists would not get paid), ostensibly in service of recording artists. This lead to the kind of maelstrom of recriminations and editorials that we have come to know and love in the social media age.  Now people are talking about how Swift has positioned herself as the champion of the little guy. The only hope of musicians looking to live an honest life without being raped by the evil tech industry. They paint it a gender-bent retelling of David and Goliath. A battle of biblical proportions between the little guy and the corporate bully of the month!

Or nah?

"You might love sex, but that doesn't mean you would make a good prostitute." or the cost of #DoingWhatYouLove

I was looking through my Facebook messages and found this exchange with one of my clients, a bright young writer named Chance Calloway. It felt so much like an interview when I read it that I decided to share this excerpt with you. It got me thinking about how pimping and prostitution work as metaphors for the ups and downs of business, jobs, and entrepreneurship as they apply to artists. 
I promise it will not be TOO graphic!