PILLARS OF SUCCESS FOR ARTISTS #2 (of 5) - Making Products and Service Offerings

Sometimes there are obvious offerings to make from one's art, and sometimes it requires some creativity to come up with them, but it's worth the effort.

If you want to live from your art, you MUST find ways to make it into something that helps another person enough that they will pay money for it.

People LIKE art, but they BUY products and services.

Use this as an example of easy product and marketing

Greetings artist!

Below you will find an example of a message I send to my email subscribers.  This message is segmented for: 
  1. people who like inspirational messages, 
  2. people who like to buy printed things made with my art, and 
  3. people who want to know anytime I have products on sale/discounted.
Use it as an example of easy products I make from my art, how to market to my prospects and customers, as well as a source of inspiration to the mindset that leads to productivity and success.  

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