Wanna Make A MILLION DOLLAR$ with your art? Here's how!

Yes, it really IS that simple.


I guess I should elaborate . . .

So you make art, right?  Like, you draw, paint, make music (or whatever) every day?

Not every day?  The most important part of being a professional (besides getting paid for it) is showing up for work every single day.  You can take a couple days off each week if you want.  You know what I mean!  Step one is to stop acting like a hobbyist and start acting like a pro! So go away and start making art every day, soldier!   Then report back for further instructions!

OKAY YOU'RE BACK!  So NOW you're making art every day!

NEXT: You need to make a product or service with your art.

THEN: Engage in some marketing!  I recommend collecting emails from friends, family, and social media followers. Use a service like Mailchimp to keep them updated.  At least once a week, send an email to update them about what you're working on.  Tell them about whatever inspires your work, and tell cool stories about your art. Then, let them know whenever you have a new product for them to buy, a show they can attend, or extra time to do commissions/freelance work. 

I know it sounds super simple, but if you follow these steps consistently over time, you can build a loyal audience that pays you enough to reach your goals.

HEY! Before you go:

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