Raise your kid (and yourself) to be a BOSS!

Believe it or not, choosing to be an artist means you're already an entrepreneur!  Let's embrace it...
Check out this awesome TED talk by Cameron Herold, speaking on raising kids to be entrepreneurs.

These are lessons I'm still trying to learn myself, but I guess I can teach 'em to my daughter while I'm at it... She has already shown herself to be bossy a born leader, so I got nature on my side, I just gotta add the nurture!

As for me, it was hard to buy into the idea that as an artist, I needed to embrace an entrepreneurial mindset if I wanted to succeed. But once I did, it was pretty easy to see that I already had many of the traits that entrepreneurs have. Since then, I have been working hard to reprogram my thinking, including eliminating the network of ideas that holds me back. That can be hard work, but it's worth doing! Hopefully, this video helps you see what you can do to encourage the entrepreneurial spirit in your child and yourself!

P.S. CLICK HERE to read my review of a great book for artists on this subject, Do I Have to be a Starving Artist in the 21st Century by Hisani P. Dubose.

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