#LiesStarvingArtistsTell "I Am a Slave to _____"

When I wrote "You Are Not a Slave" as a Facebook post in the summer of 2014, I was largely encouraging and correcting myself. Then it lead to a lot of responses, some encouraging and some not. Anyways the debate over whether we are slaves to our jobs comes up a lot when among Starving Artists, so I shared it here...
You might hate your job, but you're not a slave. No one will kill you if you try to quit. Your boss won't beat you to within an inch of your life for making a mistake or missing a deadline. Your boss has no real power over you, your family or your future.
Sure, he can fire you, but a slave master wouldn't fire a slave for the kind of insurrection that is commonplace at your job. He would tie the slave's limbs to four horses and make the horses run in all directions, pulling the slave into pieces while his "co-workers" watched.

In fact, the only reason you go to work (yeah, cause you probably don't live at "the plantation" do you?) is because you are addicted to your paycheck, and all the bullshit you can buy with it. Yeah, they pay you to do your job, so even if the pay is not enough, you're not a slave.
So your job isn't a plantation, it's more of a crack house. All your boss does is help you get what you need, baby. You're the one who keeps going back in there. Any time you want, you can stop blaming your boss for your problems, and make an exit strategy. You are free to do pretty much whatever you want, no matter what anybody tells you. Getting over your addiction to your bullshit paycheck is hard, but not even close to impossible. Stop digging yourself in deeper, and start climbing out.

It's your choice.
That's freedom.
None of that applies of course if you are an actual slave. There is still such a thing as forced labor. Sweatshops, prostitution, prison laborers, etc. all exist, but mostly people call themselves (and each other) slaves as a euphemism. 

They feel as if they have no control over their lives, careers, etc. But that lack of control is largely an illusion.

You can take that control back. Your job only controls you with your permission. And slavery that's optional is not slavery at all.

Not trying to shame anyone.

I hope it encourages you to take the next step towards the life you want.

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