For best results, keep these separate


Creating and editing are very different from each other, but BOTH are necessary to being professional. For best results, learn to keep them SEPARATE in your mind.

Ask Your Favorite Client(s) This Question


Hey fam,

I added a new question to my Client Grading Workbook.  It'll help a lot to know the answer to this question, and you probably have no idea what the answer is!

4 Million For That?

While I was being distracted by social media the other day, I saw an artist complaining about this George Baselitz drawing that recently sold for almost $4 million.

This Facebook post made my day!

I don't have to tell you that sometimes being a full-time artist can be nerve-wracking.  I was having one of THOSE weeks when this appeared on my Facebook wall...

What Level are You On in your Art Business?

Last month I shared about the 5 Pillars of Success for Artists here on  The next day, I sent out an email detailing the 9 Levels that an artist might be on in their Art Business.  I didn't post about the 9 Levels here though, so I could provide extra value to the artists who subscribed via email.

Now I am sharing that information below so everyone will have access to it.