NEXT LEVEL Artists Club

If you need REAL HELP with your business in the form of coaching that you can actually afford, let me help you take your art business to the NEXT LEVEL!

Who am I, you ask? A little bit about me:

My name is Samax ("some MAX") Amen.

I'm a freelance cartoonist and content developer.

I had my first published comics work in the late nineties, sporadically self-published three nationally distributed comics anthologies with friends between 2001-2003, published my own magazine for years, and worked on comics and animation teams for a publicly traded e-learning company for four years. I have done art as a "side hustle", as a 40 hour a week corporate employee, and as a full-time, work-at-home freelancer. I do art live in front of large crowds, and at desk by myself. I use crayola markers, Adobe Photoshop, sharpies, acrylic paint, and everything in between.

I LOVE using my skills to help people, ESPECIALLY other artists. That's why I founded Starving Artists Anonymous in 2015 to provide all the free value I can.

But there's a limit to what I can provide for free, so I put together the NEXT LEVEL Artists Club so I can offer even more value to my fellow artists!

Here's what we will provide for you:
  1. Peer-to-peer support via the members-only NEXT LEVEL Artists Facebook group.
  2. Weekly FB Live Q & As to ensure that everyone's questions get answered.
  3. Private Coaching Calls you can actually afford, if you need 'em! My current rate is $100/hour, but members in good standing receive up to 50% OFF.
  4. FREE Digital Training and Reference Materials that address questions in the group, as fast as we can make them for you. For example, my book on Freelancing is available to members as a download.

I'm offering memberships for just $47 a month (cancel at any time). This will remain your rate as long as you stay current.


CLICK HERE to buy a LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP for a one-time fee of just $497.

These prices will eventually go up, so sign up now to lock in that "founding class" rate.

I will definitely raise the price to join NEXT LEVEL Artists later, but if you join now, your price will stay where it is for as long as you keep it current! I have one partner who's helping me, and I plan to add more coaches as it grows.

In the group, I want people to ask ALL the questions you have! And answer other people's questions when you can.

I also do research and supply answers via FB lives or by creating resource files like PDFs that are included with your membership.

For example, inside the group right now, you can download my book Freelancing FAIL, The Client Grading Workbook, and other training materials.

Sound good?

Click the yellow SUBSCRIBE button to make your first monthly payment of $47, and you'll be directed to the NEXT LEVEL Artists Facebook page, where you can introduce yourself, access additional resources, and start asking questions.

Then each month around this time, you'll be charged again. Remember, you can cancel at any time

So go ahead and click the SUBSCRIBE button, and I'll see you on the other side!

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