This Facebook post made my day!

I don't have to tell you that sometimes being a full-time artist can be nerve-wracking.  I was having one of THOSE weeks when this appeared on my Facebook wall...

Hey fam,

I hope you're having a great weekend.
(or had one, if you're catching up on emails at work on Monday)

As we get ready to launch into the last Christmas week of the decade, I thought I'd share this real quick.

A dear friend from college bought this painting Mug Shots (Jesus O' Nazereth) from me in 2012.

When she sent me this photo of it in the living room of her new home in 2013, it inspired me to write "My work isn't marketable" and other lies Starving Artists tell themselvesthe first blog post I ever wrote about overcoming the Starving Artist mindset.

On Saturday, she shared a new picture of the same living room via Facebook. It's very similar with a few changes, but there above the piano is my painting.

"Just want to let you know that my Jesus painting is still one of my favorite purchases of all time. It has made me happy, daily, for nearly a decade. Keep making cool art, Samax!!!"

I haven't been feeling well, so this TOTALLY made my day!

Here's a link to a post about the emotional bits of being an artist.

Abnormally, Inhumanely Sensitive: The Artist's Struggle.

While I was feeling good about myself, I ordered some postcards of this piece.

If you pre-order now, I'll send you TWO signed Mug Shots postcards for just $7 (includes domestic shipping), while supplies last!
Get 2 "MUG SHOTS" Postcards- $7

That's all for now,  fam.   Feel free to respond with any comments, questions, concerns, or whatever

Peace, love, etc.

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