What Level are You On in your Art Business?

Last month I shared about the 5 Pillars of Success for Artists here on StarvingArtistsAnonymous.com.  The next day, I sent out an email detailing the 9 Levels that an artist might be on in their Art Business.  I didn't post about the 9 Levels here though, so I could provide extra value to the artists who subscribed via email.

Now I am sharing that information below so everyone will have access to it.

Hello Fellow Artist!

I founded Starving Artists Anonymous to help artists like yourself overcome the mindset traps that can keep them stuck at an early stage or level of our businesses.

There are levels to this.  

The so-called "Starving Artist" is like an intern.  An intern should be learning the ropes, but not getting stuck there!

My goal is to help you transcend the level you're on now to get to the next.

Today we'll start by determining where you are.

Manifesto by Samax Amen
#2 Pencil on paper + Adobe Photoshop
Font (Love You Like a Sister) by
Kimberly Geswein.

11x11 print. $27 (includes domestic shipping)*

Here are the levels as I define them.  This isn't the only way to define this of course, but these are terms I use, for the sake of productive conversation.
  1. ASPIRING Artists have the talent or desire to make art but don't make any. The Aspiring Artist's goal is to make art.  There are many reasons they may not make much art, but they need to get over themselves and do it.
  2. The AMATEUR Artist makes art pretty regularly, but has never made money from it.  The Amateur Artist's goal is to make their first "legit sale".  That is, get paid doing something a) that they like doing and b) an amount they are happy to get.  "Legit" sales are not NECESSARY to be a professional.  Getting paid any amount to make art for any purpose makes the artist a professional (i.e. no longer an Amateur).
  3. STARVING Artists have made less than $1,000 in sales. Their goal is to make their first $1,000.
  4. STRUGGLING Artists have made $1,000 or more but not consistently $1,000 per month.  They should set a goal to make $1,000 PER MONTH.
  5. Artists who consistently make $1,000-$2,000 per month are HUSTLING, and should set a goal to ADD $1,000 to their monthly revenue.  Also, a Hustler should get 6 months worth of living/operating expenses saved up. 
  6. A WORKING Artist does not need to work another job and ideally has sufficient reserves to operate when slow months hit.  Working Artists should concentrate on building solid systems for bringing in revenue with minimal effort on their part.
  7. An EMERGING or Thriving Artist is making close to 10K a month, is supported by a team of two or more employees/freelancers (agent, personal assistant, manager, publisher, etc), and has other systems in place for bringing in revenue, managing customers, etc.
  8. A STAR, ROCK STAR, or MASTER Artist makes multiple six or even seven figures per year. A Star has mastered their craft and the business of running an art business.  If everything they have is taken away, they could build it back up fairly quickly. 
  9. SUPERSTAR Artists are rare.  They make multiple seven or eight figures a year.  They are living legends upon whom empires are built.

Be honest, fam: What level do you identify with right now?

What does your art practice look like?

What products do you sell?
What services do you provide?

This summer I released a book about providing services (aka freelancing).  I'm currently working on a book about selling products.

(hint: A book is a product).

I think it's important to offer both products and services, so I'm doing what I can to grow both in my art business. 

What about you, fam?  
Which of those 9 Levels is your art business on?

CLICK HERE to schedule a free call to talk about what level you're on, and I will teach you a 100% free technique that I use to help me pursue my Next Level!

-Samax ("some AX") Amen

We're here to help!

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