The 5 Pillars of Success for Artists

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In 2013, as I started awakening to the mission that became Starving Artists Anonymous, it became clear to me that there were basic things that all successful artists had in common regardless of medium, age, or industry.

Besides kicking the Starving Artist Mindset to the curb, there were things they had to take on.  It's not enough to reject your old way of thinking and behaving (but you definitely need to do that).

You must also take on some new ideas.  I almost immediately identified 3 of them.  Years later, I would become aware of 2 more.

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At Starving Artists Anonymous, we teach you to:
  1. Make your art. This should go without saying, but you'd be surprised how many so-called artists, poets, musicians and writers never actually make anything. Mastery of your craft is important, but it requires doing it.  Plans are great, but planning without ever taking action will keep you in Starving Artist mode forever.  Mastery comes from frequent deliberate practice.
  2. Make product and service offerings. Sometimes there are obvious offerings to make from one's art, and sometimes it requires some creativity to come up with them, but it's worth the effort.  If you want to live from your art, you MUST find ways to make it into something that helps another person enough that they will pay money for it.  People LIKE art, but they BUY products and services.
  3. Understand and engage in Marketing. Marketing is a dirty word when artists envision corporate suits twisting their work beyond recognition to make money. That's why marketing is worth studying, especially if you have a specific vision and you don't want to compromise. If you get a handle on marketing, you can stay true to your own VALUES.  Marketing is the art of finding like-minded individuals who want to support and/or benefit from your vision. Understanding and engaging in marketing will make you successful. Period.  Good marketing will allow your art to meet your audience's needs via the products or services you provide.
  4. Build Systems that support the making, marketing, and delivering of products and services to your audience in exchange for money. Good systems are convenient for everyone (you, your customers, clients, and/or patrons) to use.  Great systems free you up to do what you do best for the people who appreciate it most.
  5. Take Care of Yourself.  You are the most valuable asset in your business, and always will be.  Sleep.  Eat right.  Exercise.  I'm not talking about being excessive, but you can't treat your body and brain like crap all the time and expect to be productive.  So if you're bad at self-care, try to incrementally improve your habits. It's good for business.

Those last two are recent discoveries for me, but they're HUGE!

Pretty much everything I have spoken on, written, or shared on the subject of empowering artists is about some combination of these 5 things.

In addition to adding pillars 4 and 5 to this list, I had to expand the previous ones, most notably adding "and service offerings" to what used to just be "Make Products"for #2.

Providing services (aka freelancing) is the fastest way to make money with any kind of talent, and requires a lot less risk.

I actually wrote a book about it

I've had all the same struggles you have.

But I've done my research, and I'm doing more to grow both the product and service sides of my art business.

I love to share what I learn with my friends and clients.

I currently provide tons of information to you for free via Starving Artists Anonymous.  I will continue to do that, but I'd like to give you even more value when you upgrade to the NEXT LEVEL Artists Group.

As the name implies, my focus is helping NEXT LEVEL members take whatever they're doing up a notch.  If you're stuck in Starving Artist mode, we're gonna get you out of it.  If you're struggling, we'll get you onto a firm footing.  If you're hustling, we'll help you take the hustle out of it.

Tomorrow we'll get into the different levels of art business, but just know that my goal is to help you get to the next stage of your journey.

If you join my new NEXT LEVEL Artists group this week, your first month of membership will come with an 11 x 11 copy of the print Manifesto.

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Let me know if you have questions, fam.

Talk to you tomorrow!

-Samax ("some AX") Amen

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