What's your greatest challenge, fam?

My goodness fam...

I just wrapped up a late meeting with one of my clients, but before I turn in for the night, I wanted to send you this email about my day!

Thursday morning I posted this question on the Starving Artists Anonymous Facebook page.

I then spent the next several hours interacting with the steady stream of artists who showed up to speak about the difficulties they were having.
(I also drew this)

Challenge Accepted by Samax Amen
.03 Black Pitt Art Pen in my Big Black Sketchbook + Adobe Photoshop + Cintiq
Fonts by
Blambot + Kimberly Geswein.

11x11 print. $40 (includes domestic shipping)*
Your purchase of today's print comes with a one month
NEXT LEVEL Artists Club
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I got some really good responses to the question on Thursday.
Biggest CHALLENGE for Artists :

  1. Getting Work Consistently
  2. Not Being Taken Seriously
  3. Finding a Way to Make a Real Profit
  4. Completing Projects That Aren't Client-Driven
  5. Lack of Inspiration
  6. Turning Fans into Supporters
I will be diving deep into ALL of these in future emails, so make sure you're subscribed to Starving Artists Anonymous!

Please respond with your challenges (even if you're not an artist!) if you don't see your BIG CHALLENGE on that list.

I want to help you (yes, YOU, fam!) 

I feel very confident in my ability to help creators thrive.

It's not because I'm some kind of genius. 
I have had the same struggles you have.  But I've done my research, and I'm always willing to do more, and I love to share what I learn with my friends and clients.

So ask and you shall receive, fam.

Thanks again for reading!

-Samax ("some AX") Amen

We're here to help!

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