Is CONFUSION holding you back, fam?


Hey fam,

Life can get very confusing, very quickly.  And confusion can be absolutely crippling when you're trying to make decisions.

If you're running a team that has no idea what their goal is.

If you can't agree with your significant other about the direction of the relationship.

If you're trying to sell a solution to a prospect who isn't sure how it is going to help her?

Confusion is the enemy of getting stuff done.
A Confused Mind Doesn't Take Action

A Confused Mind Doesn't Take Action by Samax Amen
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No two ways about it, fam! 

Confusion sucks.

If you find yourself unwilling to act on your plans, it might be that you are confused about what to do next.

You need to pursue clarity.
I'm not an expert or anything, but here are a few suggestions.
  1. Journal- Writing your own thoughts down and reading them is a great way to see when confusion has crept into your thoughts. In your journal, you can process your emotions and identify what matters to you.  You take in others' opinions and thoughts all the time.  Take a few minutes every day to get familiar with your own thoughts.
  2. Take a break from TV, Corporate Radio, and Social Media- Media companies bombard us with advertising and reduce our attention span.   Without meaning to, these messages sew confusion into us.  Take a few days a month, or one day or so a week, to turn off the constant notifications and commercials.
  3. Meditation- Like journaling, meditation is a great way to pursue clarity, because it helps you observe your own thoughts and emotions without judging. It also helps you to calm yourself when you get confused.  
  4. De-clutter- Your brain has to process everything you see.  Living and working in a cluttered, messy environment actually effects your thinking.
  5. Consult a physician- Confusion can actually be a symptom of a biological problem.  

Today's Cartoon Portrait

I finished this portrait Super Sunshine for Jay Kelley yesterday.  He bought it for a friend, but I don't know if he gave it to her yet.  I looked to see if he posted it on his page and didn't see it.

But he liked it, so I figured it was safe to share in this email.

Anything I can help YOU with?

I'm catching up on Custom Art for clients right now, but I'm still interested in helping people with their comic strips.

If you wanna try writing one, I created a free cheatsheet/ checklist that will enable you to write your first strip in 15 MINUTES or LESS, no matter what your experience level.
It's fun!  Try it!

Then if you want, I can coach you through the process of turning your script into an actual comic strip (Yes, fam... even if you can't draw stick figures), and using it to help you achieve your goals.

So click here to set up a free phone or video call, and together we'll make a plan just for you.
Well, I gotta get to work.
Thanks again for reading!

Talk to you later!
-Samax ("some AX") Amen

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