If you like chasing people begging for money, don't read this.

Once you as an artist have made your work, and made some kind of product or service from your work, you're going to need interested individuals to sell your work to.  

Finding legions of interested individuals to sell your work to is called Marketing, and we are all about marketing here at Starving Artists Anonymous.  

Mastering this element of the game is the secret to success of your art business.

As you may know, I am a member of a freelancer-training program called The No Pants Project, which teaches people to build a freelancing business that fits their desired lifestyle instead of forcing us to fit our lifestyle according to the needs of the business.

So, every Wednesday, Deb Law (one of the NPP coaches) does a live Question & Answer session to answer questions members are having.

One of the topics she covered this week was Lead Magnets.

A Lead Magnet is a thing you give away in exchange for permission to contact a prospect (a person you would like to be your customer, client, or whatever) in the future. 

At first, coming up with good Lead Magnet ideas can be hard.  If you are trying to get more customers easily and without being a sales dog, learning how to make a good Lead Magnet is crucial.

Anyways, here's the notes I sketched out.  I'll explain afterwords:

I drew this with Crayola markers in my Big Black Book while I watched the Q & A.

The goal of a good Lead Magnet is to entice you Ideal Customer (or client, or patients, or whatever) to give you their contact info and permission to contact them in the future.

So, as we talk about the Lead Magnet, think about your Ideal Customer.

If you're already selling things, think of your best customer.

Wouldn't it be great to have 100 or 1,000 customers just like her or him?

If you haven't sold anything yet, what kind of clients would you like to work for/work with/ sell to?  What kind of people pay money for the kinds of things you want to do/make/sell?

These are the people represented by the Orange-Faced Dude (no, it's not Trump) in my drawing.

These are the people we will get to join your email list!

What Makes a Good

1) SOLVE A REAL PROBLEM- Think about your Ideal Customer's problems and desires. What do they want really bad?  What problem do they have?  What nagging pain, obstacles, or barriers do they have?  What is keeping them from getting from where they are to where they want to be?  Identify ONE problem they have that you can solve without working too hard, and create a solution.

2) Promise ONE QUICK WIN-  Don't try to get them from A to Z in a Lead Magnet.  More like, getting them from A to B, or G to H.  If you can get them past an obstacle they have been struggling with (especially if it's free or cheap), they will be impressed and grateful!

3) Be SPECIFIC- Tell them what to do, how to do it, and why they should do it.

4) Make it EASY- Make your Lead Magnet EASY to consume, and EASY to TAKE ACTION on.  It might impress people that you offer a Lead Magnet.  They might respond to your emails and buy stuff.  But if they consume and take action on your Lead Magnet and get results, you will have a more valuable asset than money: TRUST.

If you need to think about this more, I made a printer-friendly version of this Daily Sketch that you can print out and put on the wall to keep your subconscious working on coming up with Lead Magnet ideas.

Just click the blue button below for the free download.
Download this DAILY SKETCH

If you're having trouble figuring any of this stuff out, email me, get at me on messenger, or sign up for a phone or video chat and ask whatever questions you have.


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