Robots Are Coming for Your Job, fam...

I drew this last night while I was talking to my girlfriend about automation, and other threats to job security. My number one tip in surviving the wave of automation is always "Don't try to beat a robot at being a robot."  Below, find a recent episode of my comic strip FREELANCER LIFE that I drew last month, along with some tips that will help you out...
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Hey fam,

Our sponsors at The No Pants Project surprised me by dropping Be Human, the episode of FREELANCER LIFE on their blog sooner than I expected, so not to be undone, I am sharing the strip with you now.  

"If the boss can write [what you do at work] down, she can find someone cheaper than you to do the work.
Probably a robot."
-Seth Godin


My friends and long-time readers know I'm pretty robophobic.

Still, I worked hard on my research and wrote 1,934 words on how to beat the robot invasion into your work sector (already in progress), so you don't hafta worry about getting unhorsed, so to speak.

Don't get me wrong.  Robots are here to stay, and they're totes after your job!


As a human, you're fully equipped to fight them off.  And it WON'T require killing yourself to death like Neo in Matrix: Revolutions.  

But it's gonna require you to master your humanity.
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Here's the cliff notes:
Don't try to beat a robot at being a robot! Robots are so much better at menial tasks, and getting better all the time, so ditch those jobs and go be a human!
Instead of being an inferior robot, work on:
  • Leadership Skills
  • Creative Problem Solving
  • Social Intelligence
Ditch Entitled Thinking. Provide more value to earn more!  (HINT- You DON'T hafta work harder to provide more value)
Be Present. Don't hide behind your business machine!
Show Empathy. It's great for business!
Get The Power of Automation Working for You. Use tools like an email autoresponder or Facebook ads to help you get things done.
Sounds simple?  It is, but it's also just a summary.
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This episode of FREELANCER LIFE is sponsored by The No Pants Project, a comprehensive coaching program that teaches freelancers how to get lots and lots of clients, but is grounded in the concept that working with less clients who pay you better and more often is the secret to a secure, balanced, and prosperous lifestyle.

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Have a great weekend!
-Samax ("seh MAX")

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