(Un)Fair Pricing

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Here's another FREELANCER LIFE episode about Pricing that dropped last month on the email subs and on Facebook.

This is a true story.  Sorta.
FREELANCER LIFE: "(Un)Fair Pricing" © 2019 Samax Amen
FREELANCER LIFE: "(Un)Fair Pricing" © 2019 Samax Amen
FREELANCER LIFE: "(Un)Fair Pricing" © 2019 Samax Amen
FREELANCER LIFE: "(Un)Fair Pricing" © 2019 Samax Amen

If you do any freelancing, you may find yourself having conversations like this.

I have them all the time.

Most prospects are not BOLD enough to put it the way this cartoon
character does, but they might as well.

You see, when they say "fair" prices, they just mean cheap. 

Because to them, "fair" means they get what they want without having to give up very much.  The fact that you have to work for minimum wage or less doesn't matter to them.

They just want what they want.

"Fair" is one of those magic words that people say to a seller to try and hypnotize them into offering lower prices.  And it works!  I have definitely fallen for it many times.

But the price was almost never "fair" enough.  They always sought more and more of a discount.  Some business owners want to make you feel selfish or arrogant for wanting to make a professional (or even just a living) wage.

Don't fall for it.

Price is one of your best levers of power.  Not like "hey, I have power power over my clients..." In fact, it's the opposite!

Getting paid a good price actually gives you the power to do a better job FOR your client!  As my mentor often says, you're only as good as the client allows you to be!
FREELANCER LIFE: "(Un)Fair Pricing" © 2019 Samax Amen
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Insisting that your clients pay you properly will help them even more than it helps you.

The best clients already know that.  Being stingy with money is often a symptom of limiting beliefs.  Awesome clients have overcome limiting beliefs to get where they are, and are working to improve on their beliefs and knowledge.

Helping my clients and friends overcome their limiting beliefs is probably the most important thing I do (when I'm not battling my own).

So that is an extra value I bring to every project I work on.

Feel free to respond via email or messenger with a pricing problem you're dealing with.  You can even schedule a free phone or video chat*.

I'll help you however I can.

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