Just a few Facebook Promo Tips

Here's a post where I am promoting my Live Art services in a local Small Business group in Waco.

Now, just a tip about these kinds of groups.

They are supposed to be for businesses to promote their services to local consumers, but I would be willing to bet most of these groups are 80-99% other small businesses.

That's a good thing.

Even if you provide a consumer service, it's better if the client and attendees are business owners, because they will have more money to spend and be more likely to be able to provide quality referrals and repeat business.


  1. Images on file- I keep a file of pics I can upload anytime I need 'em, named by service ("live-art", "live-art-caricature", "daily-sketch", etc).  I just litter groups with these pics like Johnny Appleseed.  If they don't like one image, another may catch their eye.
  2. Blah, blah, blah- I save the verbiage in documents so I don't have to reinvent it each time.  I'm a pretty prolific writer, but you don't have to be.  Just copy, paste and edit!  Don't let a good paragraph go to waste!
  3. Link- I generally will include a link to my Calendly page, so people can schedule a call or meeting (Calendly + Google Calendar helps me do right, y'all).

If you hover over the number of people who reacted, it will show you their names.  If you click on it, it will open a dropdown menu of all the people.

It's a good practice to look and see who's reacting to your posts.  They might be showing interest in knowing more about you.

They might even be in the process of deciding to hire you!

If you see someone reacting positively to your content repeatedly, you should probably reach out to them.

If there's a lot of them, do the ones that chose the "love" reaction first. 

In the drop down, you can send a friend request (if you want) and send them a message (recommended).
  • Say thank you (by name).
  • Remind them that they liked your content.
  • If you sent a friend request, let them know this is why.
  • Invite them to like ONE of your Facebook pages or other social media profiles
  • Invite them to join ONE something off of Facebook (email list, YouTube channel, etc).
  • If you have a RELEVANT event coming up, invite them to it.
Save the messages in a document, so you can have past examples to refer to so you can write new ones fast.

I hope that helps!  Respond with any questions you have!

Here's a link to a post about the emotional bits of being an artist.

Abnormally, Inhumanely Sensitive: The Artist's Struggle.

I'm always down to discuss and share content about ways artists can use their talents to pull themselves out of poverty and mediocrity.  So get at me with questions and recommendations, and click here to add Starving Artists Anonymous to your reading habit, if you haven't already.

That's all for now,  fam.   Feel free to respond with any comments, questions, concerns, or whatever

Peace, love, etc.


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