The Importance of Compartmentalization

Hey, fam!

Yesterday, while I was on Facebook promoting the new short comic I just finished drawing for one of my clients, somebody brought some passive-aggressive energy onto my page and really made me angry.

I burned the whole thread with fire.

Deleted the whole post, and re-posted it elsewhere.  Cause I got mad platforms, fam.

Then one of my clients called and I chatted with him about the comic I'm working on with him.

I also gave him some advice about marketing and stuff.

Then I got back on Facebook and had a bunch of fun conversations about my favorite movie.

Airtight Containers by Samax Amen
Crayola markers on 110 lb paper

I bet you thought I was gonna write a rant about how some clown ruined my day with his negativity.

Nah, fam.

Live In Airtight Containers

This month I have been going through a Facebook Ads training to prepare to test ads for my Comic Strip services and Live Art services.

In the training video, the trainer took a minute to remind me to "Live in Airtight Containers".

Boats and submarines are designed with airtight compartments, so they won't sink if the hull gets breached.  The compartment that is breached might totally flood with water, but it is sealed off, so the water won't spread to the rest of the vessel.

Don't let passive-aggressive jerks ruin your day, fam.

Clearly, you are not a submarine, troll comments are not torpedoes, and your emotions are not rushing water.  All the airtight engineering and water damage or protection is in your head.

When I say it's "in your head," I'm not saying it's not real.  I'm saying it is within your control.  You can't totally prevent hearing or seeing hurtful comments, but it is completely up to you how much damage you let it do in your life, how much you let it mean to you, and how much you let it spread.

Learn to compartmentalize so you can enjoy your life and focus on what's important to you.  Even when the trolls come a'callin'.

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