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Here's some Sketch Notes I made while I was listening to Mike Shreeve's video about the 3 C's of Client-Getting.  Then, while I was in sketchbook mode, I drew Optimus Prime...

The reason I do Sketch Notes is for a memory tool.  I drew this yesterday, and it has helped the ideas from that video burrow into my head and make a home there.

A lot of the people who follow me online are artists who do commission work.  If you're not happy with your clients for some reason, you need to pull the levers of Collection, Communication, or Conversion.

1) Collect Attention-Attention is one of the most valuable currencies of the present day.  Your success starts with your ability to collect attention. "Getting" attention is pretty easy.  Metrics such as likes, comments and shares are evidence that you are getting attention.

But getting attention is not enough.

What you need is to COLLECT Attention.  When people subscribe to your podcast or youtube channel, follow you on Instagram, or (my favorite) subscribe to your email updates, they are asking you to get their attention in the future.

Now you can Return to the Well of Attention any time you want.

2) Communicate- Tell your people what they need to know to be able to buy from you.  This doesn't mean screaming and begging them to give you money when you have something to sell.

In fact, if you only talk to your people when you want something, that's pretty lame, and it's definitely NOT giving them what they need to buy.

Be someone they can trust, by showing up consistently, and demonstrating that you care about them, and that you know what you're talking about.

Conversion- Make it easy for fans to become customers and clients.  Make it easy for them to buy from you repeatedly.

Conversion is  the C everyone wants to talk about.  It's where the dollars change hands (i.e. into YOUR hands).

"How can I get more money?"
"How do I get people to join my paid group?"
"How do I raise my rates?"

Your point of conversion (your webinar, sales call, sales email, or online store) may be the lever you need to pull, but it's best to check the first two C's first.

Often, the Quality of your Collection activities and Communication appeal to the wrong people, so you have the attention of people who don't buy.

Maybe you are not demonstrating your knowledge or gaining trust effectively.

Let the Robots Do It by Samax Amen
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So here's 4 EXAMPLES of How You Can Harness the Power of Robots (Automation) in Your Business!

  • Start a Podcast. Years ago, I was invited onto an internet radio show to talk about nerd stuff (because I'm a nerd). The response was great! People kept suggesting that I should get my own radio show. My ego loved the flattery, but the amount of work, and help that I would need was daunting. These days, all you need is a cell phone and some free apps. Literally.
  • Use Autoresponders. Think of an autoresponder as a robotic tour guide/sales rep that delivers a prearranged sequence of emails to educate, sell products, or whatever, as needed, 24/7!
  • Set Up A Client Getting Faucet. No matter what your business model, you need clients. The Client Getting Faucet method makes it easy to get them when you want them, and you can turn it on and off as needed.
  • Advertise on Facebook. Get the Facebook robots working for you. I learned a cool and relatively cheap ad strategy called Omnipresence that works to keep me in front of my people on Facebook, so I don't have to be on there chasing organic traffic all the time.  These days, I set aside money to experiment with targeted ads.  The Facebook robots get smarter about getting results over time.  Remember, robots are cheaper than employees, but you still gotta feed 'em.

If you need help with any of this stuff, I am currently offering free Discovery Calls to all Starving Artists Anonymous subscribers (CLICK HERE for your free membership).

If there are things you'd like to discuss,CLICK HERE to book your free call here.

That link will take you to an app called Calendly, where you can reserve a time, and the Calendly robot will make sure it gets on my calendar, so I won't forget!

You can choose to be called by phone, or we can do a video or audio call via an app called Zoom.

Your choice!
Thanks again for reading!

Talk to you later!
-Samax ("some AX") Amen

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